Custom Home

There are many benefits associated with custom homes. You have the chance to create a unique living space for you and your family. Hence, you need to meticulously plan and build the custom home along with the architect and the custom home builder. You should also involve your family members during the discussions. 

You should have a very good idea of the whole custom home building process before getting into the project. You need to spend a few days discussing with the builder about how the process is going to be. Before that, you need to research online about custom homes and construction in general. If you have some friends or relatives in the construction industry, it would help discuss with them and get their inputs. This is because custom home construction is not as simple as normal production home construction. Hence, acquiring knowledge is mandatory.

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Custom Home

An experienced custom home building firm would have encountered a variety of scenarios related to building a custom luxury home. An experienced firm would have the answers to most of the questions concerning a custom home. So, the most common questions which a client would normally ask a builder is how long would the whole project take and how much would the construction cost.

Well, the answers to the above two questions would not remain constant. The same builder would charge a different amount and provide a different time schedule for two different clients. This is because of the difference in the requirements. No two clients are same. They would have different tastes and interests. The whole concept of custom home involves catering to the varied tastes and preferences of homeowners. An experienced custom home building firm would definitely know how to deal with such questions.

Typically, it depends on the design and the features and the amenities which are going to be a part of the home.

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Custom Home

When a client provides the specifications for a home, a custom home builder would construct the home based on the specifications given by the client. The client is the ultimate decision maker in case of a custom home unlike a production wherein the builder would decide most of the things with regard to the design and construction.

The client would buy the land much before hiring the custom home builder. The design would also be chosen by the client in most cases. The client work with an architect to design and develop the floor plan. Of course, there may be exceptions where the builder would also be entrusted with the responsibility of designing the home.

The services of a custom home builder are typically more expensive than a traditional production home builder. The responsibility of a custom home builder is a lot more when compared to a traditional builder and hence they charge a lot. Building a unique custom home is not easy. 

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Custom Home

A custom luxury home needs to have all the amenities which a modern American family expects. It needs to have a fully equipped kitchen with all the facilities which a homemaker needs. Actually, kitchen is not something which only a homemaker uses these days. Every member of the family would be using the kitchen for some reason or the other and it should be designed in such a way that it is convenient for all.

Many home designers tend to have the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Even though it is the most natural option, designers can get a little creative while designing the dining room and look for more interesting options. After all, building a custom luxury home has no predefined way to approach things.

The outdoor area is the prominent part of a custom luxury home. Many people want to build custom homes mainly for the reason that they can get to have their own outdoor area which is impossible in a rental apartment. Hence, home designers should take care extra care while designing the outdoor area of the custom luxury home.

Custom Home

When you are starting a custom home building project, you need to take care about a lot of things. The first on that list is the identification of the right custom builder to work on your project. You should not just focus on finding the best builder. You should focus more on finding somebody who can work according to your interests and specifications. The builder should be flexible enough.

You need to have a lawyer handy for consultation. You will be investing a good amount of money for the project. So, it wouldn’t hurt to pay a good lawyer to help you with some of the legal formalities with regard to home construction.

You need to know your plot well. You need to understand what can be done and what cannot be done with your plot of land. Of course, you should seek the opinions of the designer and the builder as well.

You should have complete knowledge on the permits and approvals required for custom home construction in your area. This is a tricky part and your lawyer should be able to help you with it.


Custom Home

Taking the time to properly research about the different aspects of building a luxury custom home is of paramount importance. You should focus a lot on the style and the design of the home. As the client, your focus should be on these aspects. You should not focus too much on the construction aspects. You should leave those things to the custom home builder.

You should definitely talk to an experienced loan advisor as you would need a lot of money to build a luxury custom home. So, you may have to take a loan unless you are a very rich person. Getting a loan would take at least around 2 weeks of your time. But once you get the loan, you can relax a little.

Many people make the mistake of not hiring an architect to build a custom home. This is a bad mistake actually. A good architect is someone who would make sure that your home is structurally sound. You can talk to your builder and ask for recommendations about an architect before starting the custom home construction project.

Custom Home

There are quite a lot of crucial differences between a production home builder and a custom home builder. A custom home builder can be an individual builder or a building firm who specializes in the construction of customized homes. A customized home is nothing but a made-to-order home which is completely designed according to the likings of a particular client. On the other hand, a production home is a pre-designed home and can be handled by any home builder.

A custom home is highly beneficial for a homeowner wherein he would get a home exactly as he envisioned. He doesn’t have to put up with a home designed by somebody else. That would be the case with a production home. However, there is a downside to going for custom homes too. The cost of a custom home can be a lot higher than a production home. A good custom home builder would definitely charge a high fee simply because of the nature of such a project. Building a custom home is not as easy as building a production home.

Custom Home

In order to get the design of your custom home done properly, you need to sit and discuss with your home designer for long periods of time. You need to discuss extensively about the whole project. You need to talk about the cost of each element of the custom home project and decide the overall budget for the home. It doesn’t work in such a way wherein you alone decide the costs and set up the budget on your own. It may work for production homes. But, such an approach would never work for custom homes. You can never arrive at a budget for a custom home without inputs from your builder and designer.

The timeline that you fix for a custom home project should be realistic. It is not the same as fixing the timeline for a production home where it is easy for the builder to complete the project well before the deadline. But, it is nearly impossible to complete a custom home project within the stipulated deadline. Deadlines are always bound to get extended and you need to be prepared for delays.

Custom Home

Popularity of shiplaps has increased a lot these days. Usage of shiplaps in custom homes has risen. The main reason is that they are quite versatile. It can be placed in any room in your house. It would go well anywhere. It is extremely attractive and enhances the decor of your room. White colored shiplap is the most commonly used one in custom homes. But, other colors work well too. A special rustic charm and appeal is offered by a shiplap. It enhances the decor in a very subtle way.

Your home’s entryway is the most common place where shiplaps are normally placed in homes. It offers a unique reveal line which would appeal to you as well as your guests as soon as you or the guests enter the house. Nowadays, every custom home has an attractive shiplap. Most builders are aware of it and recommend to have it. You can add further attraction to the shiplap by using trendy looking pillows and attractive light fixtures.

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Custom Home

Fixing a budget for your custom home in the beginning stages of your project is very important. The builder you hire for the project will help you a lot in fixing the budget. Most custom home builders would be quite knowledgeable about the costs that would be incurred during the construction of the home.

Some people are afraid to ask the builder about the budget for some unknown reason. This is completely wrong. You should never hesitate to talk to your builder about the budget. If you are hesitant, then it means that you do not trust your builder. If you don’t trust the builder, then you should consider hiring a different builder whom you can trust. If it is your mindset which is acting as an hindrance in trusting your builder, then you should work on changing your mindset.

You should take the advice of the builder while purchasing the land too. He would be the best person to judge if the land would be suitable for the project. If the land is not suitable, then you would have to shell out more money in improving the land.