Basic Differences Between a Custom Home and a Production Home

There are quite a lot of crucial differences between a production home builder and a custom home builder. A custom home builder can be an individual builder or a building firm who specializes in the construction of customized homes. A customized home is nothing but a made-to-order home which is completely designed according to the likings of a particular client. On the other hand, a production home is a pre-designed home and can be handled by any home builder.

A custom home is highly beneficial for a homeowner wherein he would get a home exactly as he envisioned. He doesn’t have to put up with a home designed by somebody else. That would be the case with a production home. However, there is a downside to going for custom homes too. The cost of a custom home can be a lot higher than a production home. A good custom home builder would definitely charge a high fee simply because of the nature of such a project. Building a custom home is not as easy as building a production home.