Custom Home

Typical Timeline for a Custom Home Building Project


There are quite a few phases in a custom home building project. It is very difficult to have a strict timeline when it comes to building a custom home. There are plenty of factors in play which can affect the timeline. But, on an average, it can take 2 years to complete a custom home. If the builder is very experienced and the design is not complicated, then it can sometimes be completed within a year.

Choosing a good custom home builder is the most important factor which determines how soon the custom home can get completed. A good builder will help you in turning your creative home ideas into reality. Skilled architects would also be required to work with the builder.

Every custom home construction project would have something called a pre-construction phase where project discovery takes place. This phase can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. In some cases, it can extend more than 6 months if it is a large project.

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